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Hadrosaurs, a family of duck-billed, plant-eating dinosaurs, were large creatures with thick, strong tails. It has recently been determined that hadrosaurs probably originated in North America. Homework Help ✎

Scientists in Alaska recently found a hadrosaur footprint like the one at right that measured 14 inches across. It is believed that the footprint was created by a young dinosaur that was approximately 27 feet long. Adult hadrosaurs have been known to be 40 feet long. How wide would you expect a footprint of an adult hadrosaur to be? Show your reasoning.

Review the Math Notes below from Lesson 3.1.3.
Although this problem is not about triangles, it does deal with corresponding measurements--the foot size and body length of hadrosaurs.

Set up a proportional equation comparing foot size and length in adult and juvenile hadrosaurs.

See the example below, one of several possibilities.

Be careful with the units! Try converting one set of measurements so all measurements are in the same units.

Around 20.7 inches, or 1.7 feet.