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Find the area and perimeter of each shape below. Show all work.  

  1. A trapezoid with bottom base 17 and top base 7, left side blank and right side 10. A right triangle is created by a line segment of drawn from the upper left vertex to the base at right angles.

  2. An enclosed figure. Starting from the upper left corner: right 5 , down 4, right 2  down 2 , left 5, up 2 , left 5 , & unknown to diagonally enclose the figure.

    Divide the figure into two separate shapes.
    Afterwards, find the area for each shape and then add them together.

    The piece shared between the trapezoid and the rectangle has a length of units because the purple rectangle has a side length of units. This makes the base of the trapezoid units.

    Area of Shape = Area of Trapezoid + Area of Rectangle

    Divide the figure into two parts. The top part is a trapezoid and the bottom part is a rectangle. The trapezoid has a top base of 5, a right side 4, and part of the bottom side is 5. The rectangle has a length of 5 and a width of 2.

    The missing portion of the bottom base of the trapezoid is 3.