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Use your triangle tools to solve for x in the triangles below.

  1. A triangle with two side lengths 37 and x and one angle of 52 degrees between the two sides. The side of 37 and the unlabeled side are both marked with one tick mark.

  1. A triangle with side lengths x, 16, and 7 and one angle of 31 degrees opposite the side, x.

  1. A triangle with two side lengths of x and 3046 and an angle of 85 degrees opposite the unknown side, and 5 degrees opposite the, x, side.

  1. A right triangle. The legs are x, and x + 7, and the hypotenuse is 13.

What do the tick marks on the sides of the triangle mean?
What do they tell you about the lengths of the sides and the measures of the angles?

Use the Law of Sines to find .

Use the Law of Cosines to solve for x.

Find the size of the missing angle.

Use the sine ratio.

What special right triangle has a hypotenuse of ?