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Solve for in each diagram below.  

Review the Math Notes box in Lesson 8.1.5 for help determining the sum of the interior angles of a polygon.

  1. An equilateral triangle with angles labeled x.

  1. A polygon with angles 130 degrees, 46 degrees, x and 102 degrees in that order clockwise.

  1. A polygon with angles 10 x, 8 x minus 16 degrees, 12 x minus 8 degrees, 7 x plus 2 degrees, 9 x plus 4 degrees and 6 x plus 10 degrees in that order clockwise.

  1. Two increasing parallel lines with a horizontal transversal. Angle x is the upper, exterior, angle about the left parallel line and the transversal. A pentagon with line segments & interior angles as follows: using a part of the transversal, right of right parallel, as first side, then down & right at 123 degrees, down & left at 90 degrees, up & left at 97 degrees, then turning 113 degrees with last side on the right parallel below the transversal.

    How are and the missing angle in the polygon related?