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An enclosed figure.  Draw, x, units to the right, x units down, x units to the right, x units up, and x units to the right. Then draw diagonal downward and to the right 30 units. Draw left 51 units creating a 60 degree angle between the 30 unit side and the 51 unit side.  Then draw up to the beginning to enclose the figure.Mr. Wallis is designing a home. He found the plan for his dream house on the Internet and printed it out on paper.   

  1. The design of the home is shown at right. If all measurements are in millimeters, find the area of the diagram.

    Divide the shape into smaller, easier shapes.

    There is a  triangle. The height is  and the base is .

    By subtracting the base of the triangle from , you can find the length of the rectangle.


  2. Mr. Wallis took his home design to the copier and enlarged it . What is the area of the diagram now? Show how you know.

    If the design is enlarged by , how many times bigger is the shape? How does the area of the new shape change?