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For each pair of triangles below, determine if the triangles are congruent. If they are congruent, state the congruence property that assures their congruence and write a congruence statement (such as ).  

  1. Two triangles. Triangle A, B, C has the following measurements: side A, C is 9, angle A is 62 degrees, and angle B is 48 degrees. Triangle E, F, D has the following measurements: side E, F is 8, angle E is 62 degrees, and angle F is 70 degrees.

    Are the corresponding sides the same length?

    Not congruent; the ratio is not .

  1. Triangle A, B, D. Two internal triangles are created by a line segment B, C drawn from the upper vertex to the base at right angles. Side A, B and B, D are equal.

    What do the marks on the sides mean? Does the fact that they share a side help prove they are congruent?

  1. Two Triangles. Triangle A, B, C with side lengths A, B, 8 , side B, C, 9, and side A, C, 6. Triangle K, L, M with side lengths L, M, 8 , side L, K, 9, and side K, M, 6.

    What do you notice about the side lengths of the triangles?