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Unlike a straightedge, a ruler has measurement markings. With a ruler, it is fairly simple to construct a line segment of length cm or a line segment with length inches. But how can you construct a line segment of centimeters? Consider this as you answer the questions below.  

  1. With a ruler, construct a line segment of cm.

  2. What about cm? Adjust your line segment from part (a) so that its length is cm. Did your line get longer or shorter?

    Draw the original line segment of cm, then add to it as directed.
    Note that the line does not become that much longer if the change you're making is very small.

  3. Now change the line segment so that its length is cm. How did it change?

  4. Karen wants to draw a line segment is exactly centimeters long. Is this possible? Why or why not?

    The line will lengthen, but it will never be exactly