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Write one whole number or fraction in each blank to make each statement true.

  1. One hundred pennies equals ____ dollar(s).

    Remember that a fraction represents the parts of something over the whole. Also, each penny is one cent and there are cents in a dollar.

    One hundred pennies equals dollar.

  2. Two hundred pennies equals ____ dollar(s).

    Think back to part (a). How does the number in part (b) compare to the number in part (a)?

  3. Fifty pennies equals ____ dollar(s).

    This problem is similar to the first two. Remember to compare the number of pennies in this problem to the total number of pennies in a dollar.

  4. Ten pennies equals ____ dollar(s).

    Refer to part (c). This is very similar.

  5. One penny equals ____ dollar(s).

    Refer to part (c).