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Aria and of her very closest friends plan to go to a baseball game and they all want to sit together. Aria decided to order a block of seats in the shape of a rectangle, but she could not settle on the best arrangement. She started by considering one row of seats.

Beginning with Aria's first idea, draw all of the possible rectangular arrangements for a block of seats. Label each arrangement with its number of rows and how many seats are in each row. Are all arrangements practical?  Explain.

Have you ever been to a baseball game or a similar sporting event? How do you prefer to sit, especially if you are in a large group?

All arrangements may not be practical. For example, the rows of below would be more practical than the rows of two to the right.

2 rows of 10, seats placed horizontally, on the left, and 10 rows of 2 seats, placed vertically, on the right.