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Hannah was recording the weights of some of the dogs in her neighborhood. She recorded the following weights:  and pounds.

  1. Make a stem-and-leaf plot to help her organize the information.

    Refer to part (a) of problem 1-102.

  2. What are the median and mode of this set of data?

    Amy thinks that the median and the mode are the same thing. How would you explain the difference between the median and the mode to Amy?

    The median is the middle number in a set of data which is in order. The mode is the most repeated number in the data set.

    Arrange the data in order and find the middle number. This number is the median.

    Find which number is repeated most in the stem-and-leaf plot. This is the mode.

    The median is . The mode is .

  3. In this set of data, two pieces of data are very different from the others. Pieces of data that are unusually different from all of the others are called outliers . Which weights are outliers in this problem?

    Look for the pieces of data which do not seem to match the rest. They will be either unusually low or unusually high numbers.