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Inspect each data set. Without making a calculation , decide if each statement about the data set is true or false. Explain how you decided.

  1. True or False: "The set of and has a mean of ."

    Do you think the mean can be greater than all pieces of data?

    Remember that the mean of a data set is the average number, but try not make any calculations!

  2. True or False: "The set of and has no mode."

    Reminder: the mode is the number most repeated in the data set. Can you find any numbers that are the same?

    True. Make sure to explain your reasoning!

  3. True or False: " is the median of this data set: and ."

    Be sure to check that the number set is in numerical order (from least to greatest)!

  4. True or False: " is the mode of because it has the greatest value."

    Refer to the definition of mode in part (b) and make sure to check your work!

    False. Can you explain why?