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Imagine that you have a bag containing marbles of different colors. You have drawn a marble, recorded its color, and replaced it fifty times with the following results: purple, orange, yellow, and green marbles. Make a prediction for how many marbles of each color are in the bag. Show all of your work or explain your reasoning.

With the information given, you can make a list of experimental probabilities.
That is, you can create probabilities based on collected data.

For instance, the experimental probability that you will pick a purple marble is .

Can you find the remaining experimental probabilities?

Because the bag only holds marbles, you can consider equivalent probabilities out of 10 to help you make predictions.

We can solve this probability using cross multiplication: 

There are likely to be purple marbles in the bag.
Can you use the same strategy to make predictions for the numbers of orange, yellow, and green marbles?