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Aria planted a sunflower seed. She has been watering it and checking it every week.

When it sprouted, she started measuring the seedling's height. Her data is shown in the table at right. (Note that the Week 1 measurement is taken at the end of the first week.)  

  1. Set up axes and graph Aria's data.

    Time should be on the x-axis and height should be on the -axis. Remember to scale your graph evenly.

  2. When did Aria's plant sprout?

    At what point does the plant have a height greater than zero?

    The third week

  3. During which week did Aria's plant grow the most? The least? How can you tell?

    Looking at your graph, try to see between which two weeks the line is the steepest.
    This will be when the most growth occurred.

  4. What percent of the total growth in these eight weeks took place during the eighth week? Show your work.

    Determine how much total growth there was.
    How much growth was in the last week?
    Divide the 8th week growth by the total growth to find the answer.

Time (weeks)

Height (cm)