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Consider each of the following survey questions. For each one, explain any bias you can find. If you think the question is unbiased (or fair), explain why.

  1. Do you agree that it is important to make ending homelessness a high priority?

    Does this question imply that the person asking it has a particular opinion?
    If so, it is biased, as survey takers often show a desire to please.

  2. Which of the following factors is most important to address in order to slow global climate change?

    It seems as though this question is implying that the responded already agrees that slowing global warming is important.

    Yes, this is a biased question.
    This question assumes that the respondent will think that one of the given factors is important and that it is important to slow global warming.

    1. Car emissions

    1. Airplane emissions

    1. Pollutants from private industry

    1. Dependence on oil

  3. How important is it that teacher salaries be raised?

    Does this question seem to invite the response that teacher salaries should not be raised?