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Suppose you were conducting a survey to try to determine what portion of voters in your town support a particular candidate for mayor. Consider each of the following methods for sampling the voting population of your town. State whether each is likely to produce a representative sample and explain your reasoning.

  1. Call one number from each page of the phone book between noon and 2 p.m.

    This does not sample people who do not put their numbers in the phone book.
    Also, many people work from noon to 2 p.m. so you would be leaving out an important part of the population.

  2. Survey each person leaving a local grocery store.

    What about people that go to different grocery stores?

  3. Survey each person leaving a local movie theater.

    Do all of these people have something in common other than the fact that they live in your town?
    If so, this is not likely to produce a representative sample.

  4. Walk around downtown and survey every fourth person you see.

    Not everyone likes to or has to go downtown.

  5. Could you make a representative sample by surveying a few people from each of the situations described in parts (a) through (d) above? Explain.

    This would be closer to a random sample so it is more likely to produce a representative sample.