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For the following experiments, write "dependent" if the second event depends on the outcome of the first and "independent" if the first event does not affect the outcome of the second event.

  1. Flipping a coin and getting tails after you have already flipped it once and gotten tails.

    After flipping a tails, you have the same chance of getting a tails the next time you flip.

  2. Drawing a king from a deck of cards after a card was taken out and not returned to the deck.

    There are no longer cards to choose from.

  3. Drawing an ace from a deck of cards after a card was drawn, replaced, and the deck shuffled again.

    There are 52 cards to choose from again, independent.

  4. Getting a peppermint candy from a jar of mixed candies after you just took out and ate a lemon candy.

    The number of peppermint candies compared to the total number of candies is now greater than it was because the number of total candies has gone down.

  5. Choose one of the situations described in parts (a) through (d) and explain why you chose either independent or dependent.

    Part (c) is independent because, in both situations, there are the same number of outcomes because there are cards each time.