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Jeri has some friends who need her help to build bookcases.

  1. Jaime needs a board feet long. Jeri has two boards to offer. However, one of her boards is feet long, and the other is feet long. Is it possible to use Jeri's boards to measure a -foot piece accurately? If so, how could Jeri do it? If not, explain why it is not possible.

    If you line up the ends of the boards so they are sitting next to each other, you can mark off a -foot piece on the -foot board.

    You can use your new measured length of feet to measure a length of feet.

  1. Misty needs a -foot long board. Jeri has a board that is feet long, one that is feet long, and one that is feet long. Can she measure the -foot piece accurately? If so, how? If not, explain why it is not possible.

    It is possible. The -foot piece is measured onto the -foot board. Remember to show or explain how it can be done.