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Terrance knows that inches is the same length as foot and that yard is the same length as feet.

  1. Terrance measures a board and finds that it is inches long. How can he use feet and/or yards to help express this length? Is there more than one way he can do this? Use a diagram to help explain your answers.

    Begin by counting by inches and see how close you can get to inches, without going over.

    Next, add two more inches to make the length equal to inches.

    Count the number of yards in the diagram. Remember that one yard is equal to three feet, or inches.

    inches can be expressed as feet, inches;
    yards, foot, inches; or yards, inches.
    The diagram above helps explain this answer.

  1. Terrance's brother is yards tall. How else can his height be expressed? Use a diagram to help support your answers.

    Try drawing a diagram like the one for part (a). This will help you
    visualize how many feet (and inches) are in yards.