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How many 's are there in each number below?

It may help if you use a Gazinch for this question. If you have not been instructed to do so, you can also draw diagrams for each problem.

  1. The circle below is divided into eighths. Shade in half of the circle.

    Then, count the ’s to answer this question.

    There are four  ’s in .

  1. Try drawing a picture, like the one below, to help you better understand and solve this problem.

  1. Look to the numerator (the top number of the fraction) for help on this problem.

  1. Eight 's are in one whole.

    Use this information and the information from part (a) to solve this problem.

  1. There are sixteen ’s in .

  1. Remember it may be helpful to use pictures to solve these problems. Keep up the good work!