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The school librarian is looking at her records for the number of math books that are lost each year. She knows that the average cost to replace a book is . You need to help her decide how much money she should plan to replace lost books next year. She made the scatter plot at right using her information.

  1. About how many books were lost in the year after the library opened?

    The number of books lost is on the vertical axis.
    The number of years since the library opened is on the horizontal axis.

    What number of books does the first dot refer to?

  2. In what year were the most books lost? Approximately how many books were lost that year?

    This question is asking about the highest dot.

  3. About how many books should she expect to be lost next year ( years after the library opened)? Based on your estimate, about how much money should she expect to spend to replace the lost books?

    Overall, the dots are increasing as the years increase.

    It costs about to replace a book, so the estimated money needed for next year is between and .