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Amanda and Jimmy have jobs as dog walkers. 2-122Examine the graph at right and answer the following questions. Homework Help ✎

  1. Who has more hours of dog walking? How do you know?

    Focus on their dots' placement on the horizontal axis, since this indicates hours of dog walking.

    Amanda. Her point is farther to the right on the graph, indicating a larger number of hours.

  2. Who has earned the least amount of money? How do you know?

    Like in part (a), you will need to compare the dots' placement on the graph. However, this time you should focus on the vertical axis, since this indicates dollars earned.

  3. Are both students earning the same amount of money per hour? Show your work to justify your answer.

    Esther is also a dog walker. She worked for  hours and earned . That means she earned 4 per hour, since  is 4.

    Use this example to solve for the amount Amanda and Jimmy each make per hour.
    Then compare them to see if they make the same amount. Do not forget to show your work!