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In Chapter 1, you learned about factors and about prime numbers. It is sometimes useful to represent a number as the product of all of its prime factors. For example, the number   can be factored into primes.

For example,  or , which gives us the same answer as before written in a different order.

We can then use exponents to write repeated multiplication, showing that the prime factorization of  is .

Write the prime factorization of each of the numbers below. Use exponents to represent repeated multiplication.


    Separate the number into all of its primes.

    Use exponents to simplify the repeated multiplication.


    Follow the steps outlined in part (a). Remember to use exponents!


    Follow the steps outlined in part (a). Check your work to make sure the product of the prime factors is .


    Follow the steps outlined in part (a). It may also be helpful to think about how relates to , and then use your answer from part (a) as a starting point.