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Ryan's mother measures his height and records in a notebook how much he has grown each year. Here is his growth data for the last five years: inches, inches, inches,  inches, and inches.

  1. How much has he grown in the last five years?

    This problem is very similar to problem 3-85, where Jollie's mother kept a growth chart of her.
    Look back at problem 3-85 part (a) to help you solve this problem.

  2. If Ryan was feet, inches tall when his mother started measuring him five years ago, how tall is he now? Give his height in feet and inches.

    Three years ago, Ellen was feet tall. In the past three years, she has grown 14 inches.
    That means she is now feet, inches tall, since feet inches feet, inches.

    Use the above example to help solve the problem about Ryan.

    It might be easiest to change all measurements to inches before adding them.
    Just remember to change them back to feet at the end.