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Gregory loves to surf the web. He interviewed his friends, asking how much time each of them had spent on the Internet during the previous day. They gave the following information, in minutes: , and .

  1. Find the mean, median, and mode of the data.

    If you have forgotten what the mean, median, and mode are, refer to problem MC1 3-85.
    Making a stem-and-leaf plot might be helpful.

    Median: minutes

    Mode: minutes

  2. If Gregory wanted to make the statement, "On average, my friends surf the web, ____ minutes per day," which measure of central tendency should he use? Explain your reasoning.

    Some days Gregory's friends spend hours online, and some days they spend no time online. Look at the values of the mean, median, and mode. Do any of these seem to be the best balance between hours and no time? This may help you in answering this problem.