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Leslie is training to compete in a marathon (a -mile race). She has been running the entire marathon route each week and keeping track of her times. The times she has recorded are minutes, minutes, minutes, minutes, and minutes.

  1. Calculate the mean, median, and mode of Leslie's times.

    If you need more help with the mean, median, and mode, refer to the Math Notes box from Lesson 1.3.3.

    It would be helpful to put Leslie's time in order from least to greatest. This will make it easier to analyze the data.

    Leslie's running time mean is  minutes, the median is minutes, and there is no mode.

  1. Leslie is hoping to complete the race in less than four hours. Do you think she has a chance? Explain.

    It may be helpful to know that hours are equal to minutes.

    Try looking closely at the average, or mean, of Leslie's times.

  2. If Leslie does one more practice run and it takes her minutes, explain without doing any calculations how her mean, median, and mode should change.

    If Leslie did one more practice time and it took her minutes, the mean and median would be greater than those calculated in part (a). Also, there would be a new mode. Does this give you any clues as to how to solve this problem?