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Given the following descriptions of a portion on a 100% block, write the portion as a percent.     

  1. 4-tenths and 6-hundredths

    10-tenths make 100%. Think about how you could write 4-tenths and 6-hundredths, given that information.


  1. 8-hundredths

    You need 100-hundredths to make 100%.
    How would you write 8 portions of 100?


  1. 17-hundredths

    17-hundredths can also be written as 1-tenth and 7-hundredths.

  1. 11-tenths

    Is 11-tenths greater or less than 100%?
    Remember that 10-tenths is equal to 100%.

Use the eTool below to model the portions.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: MC1 4-98 HW eTool