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Sam is a professional golfer who plays golf at least five times a week. He records his score for each round of golf. Here are his scores for the last rounds:



  1. Determine the mean, median, and mode for Sam's scores.

    Putting the data in order is always helpful in determining the central tendencies.

  2. The difference between the highest score and the lowest score is called the range. Determine the range of Sam's scores.

    The difference between the highest and lowest score can be determined by subtraction.

  3. Par for the course is . How far from par are the mean, median, and mode?

    Sam's mean is away from par, the median is away from par, the mode is away from par.
    Remember to specify whether Sam's central tendencies are above or below par.

  4. Does Sam usually score above or below par? Explain.

    Use Sam's median compared to par to help you answer this problem.