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Write "theoretical" or "experimental" to describe the probabilities in each of the following statements.

For parts (a) through (e), study the Math Notes box from Lesson 5.2.2 for help understanding theoretical and experimental probability.

  1. The chance of spinning a four on a spinner numbered one through four is .

    This probability is based on outcomes that have the same chance of occurring. It has been calculated; it is not the result of an experiment. Can you describe it as ''theoretical'' or ''experimental"?

    This probability is theoretical.

  2. I drew ten cards out of a deck and got hearts three times, so the chance of getting a heart is .

    This probability is the result of someone's experience or their data collected. Is this ''theoretical'' or ''experimental''?

    This probability is experimental.

  3. I made eight out of the last ten free throws, so my chance of making a free throw is .

    Remember to refer to the Math Notes box if you need more assistance.

  4. The chance of winning a new car in the raffle is in .

    This probability is theoretical.

  5. Based on mathematical models, the chance of a thunderstorm today is .

    Keep up the good work!