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  1. . Armando and Vlad were flipping three coins: a nickel, a dime, and a quarter. Homework Help ✎

    1. Make an organized list of all of the possible outcomes. For example, if the nickel comes up heads, the dime comes up heads, and the quarter comes up tails, write this outcome HHT.

    2. They decided that Armando would win when exactly two heads came up and Vlad would win when exactly one head came up. Who has a better chance of winning? Explain.

    3. What is the probability that someone will win on any given flip? In other words, what is the probability that either Armando or Vlad will win? Show your thinking.

Making a table like the one to the right might be helpful.

Which situation happens more often or are they both the same?

The probability that someone will win is the probability that Armando will win plus the probability that Vlad will win.