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  1. . Answer each of the questions below. Homework Help ✎

    1. How many fourths are in 4one-fourth?
      Use your answer to rewrite 4one-fourthin the form box-4gif

    2. How many thirds are in 3two-thirds?
      Use your answer to rewrite 3two-thirdsin the form box-3gif

If there are 4 fourths in 1, can you use multiplication to find how many fourths are in 4?

Using your answer to Step 1, add the number of fourths in 4 to the one-fourth in part (a).

Remember to write your answer in the form above.

(4 fourths) (4) = ? fourths

Use the same strategy here that you did in part (a).
How many thirds are in 1?

Draw a diagram to help you solve the problem.