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Genevieve is an architect and has just finished the plans for a new library! She built a scale model to take to a planning meeting. The city council loves her design so much that they have asked her for two new ones.
Help her decide how she will calculate the measurements of each new model to satisfy each of the given conditions.

  1. The council wants a model much smaller than her original model to fit in a scale model of the entire city.

    Should Genevieve multiply each measurement by a small number or by a large number to fit this requirement?

  2. The council wants a model slightly larger than the one she built to sit on a stand at the entrance of the old library building.

    Scott tells Genevieve to multiply each measurement by 5, but Genevieve knows that the city council does not want a model five times as large as the one she already has. Can you think of a better multiplier?