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Jill sees a bed and a desk that she would like to buy for her bedroom, but she is worried that they may not fit along the same wall. The tags say that the bed is inches wide and the desk is centimeters wide.

  1. What does Jill need to do before she can figure out the total width of the bed and the desk together?

    When you add lengths, they must have the same units.

  2. Jill sees a chart that tells her that centimeter is approximately equal to inches and inch is approximately equal to centimeters. Help Jill figure out the combined width of the bed and the desk expressed in both inches and centimeters.

    inches centimeters is approximately inches. Remember to show your work.

  3. If Jill knows that the wall in her room is feet long, can she fit both the bed and the desk along the wall? How can you be sure?

    How many inches is feet?