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Cisco and Janet spent an afternoon making burritos and then put them all on one plate. Six burritos have beef inside, have chicken filling, and have black-bean filling. Find the probability of randomly choosing the following burritos from the plate, and write your answer as a fraction, decimal, and percent.

  1. A burrito with black bean filling.

    Find the total number of burritos and the number of black bean burritos.

    2 black bean burritos

    State the probability as a fraction.

    Convert the fraction to a decimal and a percent.

  2. A burrito that does not have beef filling.

    Find the number of burritos that do not have beef filling and repeat the same steps as in part (a).

    As a decimal, the probability of picking a burrito without beef filling is .
    Can you write this as a fraction and a percent?