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Hector is using radar to monitor the speeds of cars on a street near his school. He records the following speeds, each in miles per hour: , and .

  1. What is the mean of these speeds?

    To calculate the mean, find the sum of the data and divide it by the number of speeds.

  2. What is the median?

    In the numerically-arranged data listed below, which number falls in the middle?
    If there are two numbers in the middle, you need to find the mean of them.

  3. What is the mode?

    Which speed is repeated most in the data list?

  4. Hector wants to show the city council that there is a speeding problem. Which of the measures of central tendency that you calculated above should he use? Explain why.

    Which of the answers you calculated best proves that there is a problem with speeding?

    Since the mean is the highest speed of the measures of central tendency, it is most effective for proving that speed is an issue.