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Find the difference in height of Anna's corn from day 0 to day 2 to find
how much her corn has grown in 2 days.

7.5 − 2 = 5.5

Anna's corn grows 5.5 cm every 2 days.

To find how much Anna's corn grows in 1 day, divide that number by 2.

The growth rate of Anna's corn is 2.75 cm per day.

If the growth rate of Anna's corn is constant, as concluded from (a),
what would a graph with constant growth look like?

If you need more help, graph the points on graphing paper.
Let the number of days be on the x-axis and the height in
centimeters be on the y-axis.

Since the rate of change is constant, the graph will form a line.

What would the graph look like if the number of days was on the
x-axis, while the height in centimeters was on the y-axis?

If the y-coordinate increases by 2.75 for every day, the growth
rate will be represented by the slope of the line.

3 meters is equivalent to how many centimeters?

3 meters is 300 centimeters. When will the
height (the y-coordinate) reach 300?

Find and use the rule to solve.