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See problem 4-27 in the text or look in the glossary for how to make a stem-and-leaf plot.

Refer to the Math Notes box in Lesson 4.2.4 for a reminder of box-and-whisker plots.

Which plot takes into account the median when it is being constructed?

Find 65 on your box-and-whisker plot. Is there any measurement of center in that area? What does that part of the box-and-whisker plot represent? What percentile is that?

Notice that the lower quartile exists at around 65 guesses. The lower quartile is also representative of the 25th percentile.

Approximately 75% of students guessed more than 65 jelly beans.

Determine how many students guessed over 65 jelly beans and how many students there were total.

Explore the problem with the eTool below.
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