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Copy and complete the table. What is the rule for the table?

Look for any -values of to find some sort of constant. In this case, an -value of equates to a -value of , so we can include the value in the rule.
Since subtracting does not give the correct -value for the rest of the table, there are more parts to this rule.

We can now try working backwards to find the other missing parts. If the -value was obtained by subtracting among other things, we can add to the -value and see what other changes took place as well.
Using the -value and y-value :
Adding to
is two times , the -value.

By adding to the rule, we get .

Test to see if this rule is correct by substituting in for the -value and see if you get  as the -value. If it is, use the rule to fill in the rest of the table. One value has been given to you (when , ).