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Home > MC2 > Chapter 8 > Lesson 8.2.5 > Problem 8-78


Ellen is building a scale model of the space shuttle. A space shuttle is approximately feet long and has a wingspan of feet.

  1. How many inches long is the space shuttle?

    Recall that inches is equivalent to foot.


  2. If Ellen builds her model so that cm on the model represents inches on the space shuttle, how many centimeters long will her model be?

    Try using the same method presented in (a).

  3. What will her model's wingspan be (in centimeters)?

    Begin by finding the length of the wingspan in inches, as presented in (a).
    Then find the length the model needs to be in centimeters, as in (b).


  4. Remember that inch is approximately equal to cm. How many inches long will her model be?