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Complete the table. .

Notice that there are two known coordinates: and .

Now notice that for every difference of in the
-coordinate, the -coordinate changes by .
Use this reasoning to fill in the rest of the table.

The difference in the -coordinate from to is . Since is twice , the difference in the -coordinate from to is twice as much.


  1. Find the rule.

    To find the rule, look for a pattern that can relate the y-coordinate to the x-coordinate.

    Notice that at , .
    Also remember that the y-coordinate increases by for every units the -coordinate increases.

    You can fill in the last y-coordinate in the table by substituting into the rule.

  2. What is the slope?

    The slope describes how the values increase.

Complete the table in the eTool below to graph the points.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: MC2 9-30 HW eTool