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Write a whole number in the box for the fraction that makes it:

  1. Equal to .

    What divided by will equal ?

  2. Greater than .

    Knowing the answer to part (a), which numerators (the number on the top of a fraction) will make the mixed number larger than ?

    Any number greater than or equal to 5 will make the fraction greater than .

  3. Less than .

    which numbers could we use to make this fraction less than ? Think about when you divide a pizza or pie into four pieces. Does the whole get smaller when you take away parts or when you add parts?

  4. Equal to .

    It may help to know that zero divided by any number is zero.

  5. Greater than .

    Try imagining this question as a division problem: what divided by  will be greater than ?

    Any number greater than or equal to will make the fraction larger than .