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Solve for in each diagram below.  

The Triangle Angle Sum Theorem states that the sum of all the interior angles in a triangle will be .
Find the missing angle in each triangle.

The sum of supplementary angles is .
Solve for using the general equation .

  1. A triangle has a base angle of, 35 degrees on the left, and a top angle of, 75 degrees. The side opposite 75 degrees, is extended to the right, creating an exterior angle labeled, x.

  1. A triangle with the top angle labeled x. The side on the left and the side opposite are both marked with one tick mark . The side opposite of angle x, is extended to the left, creating an exterior angle, of 140 degrees.

  1. A triangle has two base angles of, x, and 100 degrees. The side opposite the, x, angle is extended upward creating an external angle of 148 degrees.

  1. A triangle has an angle of 36 degrees. The other 2 angles are marked with one tick mark. The side opposite the 36 degree angle is extended, creating an exterior angle labeled, x degrees.