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Express eachlength below in the specified unit.

It is important to remember that inches are equal to one foot and feet are equal to one yard.
How can this help you convert the units?

  1.   feet is _____  inches.

    Knowing the information provided above, can you find how many inches are in half of a foot? It may be easiest to use addition to solve this problem

  1.   inches is _____  feet.

    If inches is one whole foot, how much of a foot is inch

  1.   feet is _____ inches.

  1.   inches is _____ feet.

    If inches are in feet, how many inches would be left in this conversion?

  1.   yards is _____ feet.

    If each yard is feet, how many feet should be in yards? Try drawing a diagram.

  1.   inches is _____ feet.

    How many groups of inches fit into inches?
    How many inches will be left?