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Look at the two histograms below. They give you information about the heights of players on two basketball teams, the Tigers and the Panthers. Use the histograms to answer the following questions.

  1. Which team has taller players? Which has shorter players? Explain your thinking.

  • Which team has a greater number of players with heights above 72'' or greater average height?

  • Compare the histograms of both teams and consider measures of spread to determine which team has taller or shorter players.

Taller Team: Tigers
Shorter Team: Panthers
Can you explain why?

  1. Which team has heights that vary more? Explain your thinking.

    Which histogram is more concentrated and symmetrical?
    Which histogram is more spread out and evenly distributed?
    Consider these histogram characteristics and how they relate to the variance of a graph.

  2. Which team has more players that are about the same height?

  • Which histogram has the bin with the highest frequency of players of about the same height?

Be sure to know why this is the answer.