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In this lesson, you looked for ways to convert between equivalent forms of fractions, decimals, and percents. Using the portions web, write the other forms of the number for each of the given portions below. Show your work so that a team member could understand your process.

  1. Write as a decimal, as a percent, and with words/picture.

    As a decimal and a percent, this is equivalent to or . Can you describe this portion in words?

  2. Write as a fraction, as a percent, and with words/picture.

    In words, this is written as three tenths or thirty hundredths. Now express it as a fraction and a percent.

  3. Write as a fraction, as a decimal, and with words/picture.

    Refer to part of the Math Notes box from Lesson 3.1.5 below for help converting percents to decimals and fractions.

  4. Write one and twenty-three hundredths as a percent, as a decimal, and as a fraction.

  • One and twenty-three hundredths is greater than one, so each equivalent form should represent a portion greater than one.