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For each of the following parts, write the completed set of fractions on your paper.

  1. Complete these fractions to make them close to : .

    Which numbers could fill each box to make that fraction very small?
    Remember that small numerators and large denominators make fractions closer to zero.

    These fractions are possible answers to this problem.
    There are many ways to make each of these incomplete fractions close to zero.

  2. Rewrite these fractions to make them close to : .

    When looking for the numerator, find a number which is close to half the value of the denominator.
    If you need to find the denominator, find a number close to twice the value of the numerator.

    These are possible solutions for the first and third fractions.
    Use these as a starting point for completing the other two fractions.

  3. Rewrite these fractions to make them greater than but less than : .

    Make sure the numerator is greater than the denominator, but less than twice the denominator's value.