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What portion of one dollar is represented by each of the following sets of coins? Express each answer both as a fraction and as a percent.

  1. One quarter

  • Remember that one dollar is cents and one quarter is cents.

  1. Three dimes

  • How many cents is three dimes?
    How can you write this as a portion of ?

  • . How do you write as a fraction?

  1. Eight nickels

  • Eight nickels is equal to cents.
    Use parts (a) and (b) to help you express this as a fraction and a percent.

  1. pennies

  • If one quarter ( cents) is of a dollar, what percent is  cents?

  1. Five quarters

  • By how much do you multiply one quarter to get five quarters?
    Since you dealt with one quarter in part (a), you can use that as a guide for representing quarters as a fraction and a percent.

  1. Nine dimes

  • Use part (b) to help you with this problem.
    Since nine dimes is three times three dimes, you need to multiply the answers for part (b) by three.