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Which net(s) below will fold up to make a complete prism? If a net will not form a prism, explain why not.

  1. Let this section be your base.

    Visualize the three sides of the figure folding upwards.

    Now imagine the remaining two sections folding over.

    The last two sections that are folded overlap and a cube with one missing face is formed.

    Refer to the glossary to refresh your memory of the definition of a prism.
    Do the qualities of the three dimensional figure formed match up with the definition?

    No, this figure has one missing face.

  1. Visualize the process of folding this figure using the method presented in part (a).

    Yes, this net does form a prism.


    See part (a).

    No, this does not form a prism because there is only one base.

  1. See part (a).

    The last section to be folded over will not completely cover the last face of the prism.