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Find the perimeter and area of each figure below. Review the Math Notes box in this lesson for help. Be sure to include the correct units in your answers.

  1. A triangle with a base of 7.5 inches, left side 6 inches, and right side 5 inches.  Two internal triangles are created, by a line segment of 4 inches, drawn from the upper vertex, to the base, at right angles .

  1. A trapezoid with horizontal parallel bases, with sides labeled as follows: bottom, 23 cm, left, 13 cm, top, 12 cm, right, 13.4 centimeters.  A line segment, labeled 12 cm, from the top left vertex, to the base, at right angles to the base.

  1. A vertical parallelogram, right side labeled, 7 yards, and bottom side, 4 yards.  A dashed line, from left side to the right side, is perpendicular to the left and right sides, labeled, 3 yards.

  • To find the perimeter, add together all of the lengths of the outside edges.

    The area of a triangle is:

    Perimeter: inches
    Area: square inches

  • Look back at the Math Notes boxes.

    Can you find the top and bottom "bases" of the trapezoid?
    Can you find the height of the trapezoid?

    Perimeter: cm
    Area: square cm

  • Look back at the Math Notes.
    What is the base?
    What is the height?

    Perimeter: yards
    Area: square yards