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Julio is an architect who designs skyscrapers. Assume that each story (also called a “floor” or “layer”) of a new building is feet high as you help Julio answer the following questions.

  1. How high would a two-story building be? What about a -story building? What about a 30-story building?

    Each new story adds an additional feet to the total height of the building.
    It may also be helpful to think of the stories as ''layers'' which are feet thick each.

    The other buildings can be solved in similar ways.

  2. If Julio had to design the building to be  feet tall, how many stories should the building have?

    This is the opposite of the previous problem. This time we already know the height of the building, but not the number of stories. Try rearranging one of your solutions to the last problem so that the answer is the number of stories. Then apply that to this problem.