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Find the area and perimeter of each shape. Show your work. 

  1. The figure is a rectangle with a right triangle connected at the left side. The length of the rectangle is 10 inches and the width is 7 inches. The triangle's hypotenuse is 7.28 inches and the base is 2 inches.

  1. A triangle with a base of 10 meters, left side 13 meters and right side 13 meters.  Two internal triangles are created by a line segment of 12 meters drawn from the upper vertex to the base at right angles .

  • Perimeter: What are the unlabeled lengths?

    Area: What is the base and the height of the triangle?

    Use the formulas below to find the area of each section.

    Then, add the area of the triangle with the area of the rectangle.

    Perimeter:  in
    Area: in2

  • Perimeter: Add the lengths of all of the sides around the outside of the figure.

    Area: What is the base and height of the triangle?
    Using the area formula for a triangle (from part (a)), find the area.